Handling violation in group finals

Regarding the handling of the shih tzu in the EDS group final

During the finals, the handling of the group winner of Group 9 was in conflict with the FCI's show regulations. The handling was also in violation of the Norwegian Kennel Club's guidelines for dog welfare in shows and trials, as published in the EDS catalogue page 41.

The dog was treated in a harsh and cruel manner. Lifting the dog by its leash and tail is not acceptable. This is also stated in the FCI's basic statement for show judges. 

The NKK took action immediately and has in discussions with the FCI representative decided upon the following:

As a result of the handling, the handler showing the dog in the group finals is not allowed to show the dog in the Best In Show finals. The dog may enter the Best In Show final, under a different handler. 

The judge regrets the unfortunate incident and has stated that he did not observe the handling violations.